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Tuition and Fees


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Tuition and Fees School Year 2023-2024
(Two Semesters Per School Year)

(One class weekly)

Semester (Session Payments)

1st Fall 2023 (15 classes) $350.00

2nd Spring 2024 (15 classes) $350.00


Finance Option
Monthly Batch Billing (auto pay)

One time enrollment fee for finance option is $20.00/year

 8 equal monthly payments of $87.50

Registration for School Year
$75.00 per family (up to 3 children)

Any additional child will be $20.00

Additional program fees or supply fees

Cardio Dance Fitness with Pom-Poms (*new class)

(Stages 1 through 4)
Uniform required: $50.00 (skort or shorts, crew socks); floor mats and pom-poms provided by academy and remains at the participating school.

Parental responsibility: white sneakers.


Cheerleading Dance (Stages 1 through 4)

Uniform Required: $50.00 (skort or shorts, crew socks): Cheerleading Performance Uniform pricing will be determined by participating school needs and advised accordingly. This should be considered the (performance) costume fee.

Musical Theater (Stages 1 through 4)
Uniform Required: Academy shirt over school uniform (included with registration) Color: Black.

Art with PaulaQ (Stages 1 through 4)

SUPPLY fee (Fall): $40.00 and (Spring): $40.00
Uniform Required: Academy shirt over school uniform (included with supply fee) Color: Black.

Ballet (Stages 1 through 4)
Uniform required: $50.00 (leotard and skirt) Colors: Blue, red, black (depend on stage)

Parental responsibility: pink ballet tights (optional) and pink ballet slippers.

Flamenco (Stages 1 through 4)
Uniform required: $40.00 (leotard) Colors: Blue, Red and black (depend on stage) 

Parental responsibility: black flamenco shoes and black skirt (preferably flamenco).

SPRING SEMESTER: Introduction to castanets. (Options will be given upon request.)

*Performance Costume Fees for the end of the year showcase will be determined and announced in Spring 2024. We pride ourselves in keeping any and all costs minimal depending on the performance requirements.

Other programs coming soon Martial Arts (Jiu Jitsu) and Coding


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