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After school enrichment

Our mission is to bring the performing arts (and more...) to children in our community as an alternative to aftercare. What makes US unique to traditional after curricular options is we bring the performing and cultural arts to you!


Advantages for Parents:

  • Less stress for both you and your children keeping them at their school and familiar surroundings

  • Assurance that they are being cared for by certified and vetted instructors

  • Small class sizes where individualized instruction is key to fostering the benefits of group activities.

Our Instructors have mastered their craft prior to joining our team.  Our standards require all instructors to be in compliance with the Virtus Program "Protecting God's Children" as required by the Archdiocese of Miami. Furthermore they must also clear a background check and have registered fingerprints in accordance to Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

Part of our philosophy is knowing that our Founder "hand-picks" the master instructors to add to our garden. Your children is our main priority. 

participating founding schools (incubation)

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